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Studio Sabharwal

A destination to cater to the citizens' photography needs is Sabharwal Color Lab in Gol Market, Delhi. With considerable experience under its belt, this venture has come a long way to establish itself as a renowned name in its domain. Since 1993, this photography expert is known for its superior video coverage and digital photography services. It has delighted a plethora of local citizens by imprinting their memorable moments for them to savour for eternity. When in Gol Market, you can locate its office with ease on Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, Near Jain Bhawan. Undoubtedly it is one of the best photographers in Gol Market, Delhi.


The most popular latest trend in Indian wedding photography during these days is to capture candid moments known as candid wedding photography in india. The trend of capturing candid photos in wedding is become more popular now-a-days. Wedding proposal photography in india is also become very popular in Indian wedding. In wedding proposal photography, the marriage proposal moments are captured.

Another Indian wedding trend is instant prints of photographs. Photographers set up their booths in wedding and print instant photographs for guests.
In Indian weddings, celebration of wedding starts over a week, there are many rituals and ceremonies done every day, so the moments these celebrations are to be captured. That’s why pre wedding photography and cinematography is very popular in india.

A wedding photographer is there to capture each moment of your special day as it unfolds, while a wedding videographer captures the event on film so that you can watch your wedding video for years to come.

Choosing the right videographer for your wedding is equally as important as choosing the right wedding photographer – each videographer will have a different style and unlike a photographer, you will most likely only receive one wedding video and there won’t be different versions for you to choose from. To help you select the best wedding videographer in delhi, NCR, india, we’ve got the 10 most important questions to ask your videographer to ensure that he is the ideal fit for you.

What is your video style and storytelling approach?

There are typically two types of videography styles: cinematic style wedding videography and documentary style wedding videography in india. Cinematic videos are like movies and include music, special effects and montages. They involve the videographer shooting sections of the wedding and editing